Amplats to reinstate dismissed workers

I guess it comes as no surprise that Amplats will be reinstating all the dismissed workers. Once again promises of dismissal stays just that. Here is a snipped from a Business Day live. “ACCORDING ... Continue Reading →
Loane Sharp

Labour brokers close shop

There has been allot of closures of labour broking companies since government started clamping down. Almost 550 agencies have been closed, according to research done by Adcorp. Here ... Continue Reading →

Labour unions urged to support ongoing mine strikes

The National Striking Committee, a body which claims to have been elected by striking mineworkers around the country, has called on labour movements to support the ongoing mine ... Continue Reading →
strike action2

Labour crisis is a failure of the state, not the market

by Leon Louw, October 17 2012, 05:43 … Organised labour is in the government through the tripartite alliance, which means the government has been constrained from policing ... Continue Reading →
strike action

Mine labour strife continues

After many months of strikes the unrest at the mines seems to have no end. Iafrica reports on some of the details and demands of the strikers. Mine labour strife continues Several wildcat ... Continue Reading →