Amplats to reinstate dismissed workers

I guess it comes as no surprise that Amplats will be reinstating all the dismissed workers. Once again promises of dismissal stays just that.

Here is a snipped from a Business Day live.

“ACCORDING to the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) Anglo American Platinum on Friday did an about turn, agreeing to reinstate all dismissed workers after negotiations with the NUM and worker representatives from its Rustenburg and Limpopo mines.”

On top of that it seems that there will even be some money available for the strikers. How absurd. Those that did not strike will even be getting themselves a bonus.

“…reinstatement comes only with a R2,000 “hardship allowance” and does not include a wage increase for now. Workers who did not strike will get a R2,000 loyalty bonus in addition to their wages.”

One can only think that this will be making the fear off dismissal less in future and can only be spelling for something worse every time. In all honesty however it would be a mammoth task replacing those workers. It would have taken more production time, and HR resources. Most the old workers would most likely just have reapplied anyway.

According to the article Amplats said this is only half the case. Sounds more like a anarchy than strike action.

“..Amplats had previously said that under no circumstances would it negotiate with illegal strikers. But, its hard-line position left it unable to restart production as dismissed workers made it clear they would not tolerate new labour being recruited to the mine. In the six weeks since the action began, Amplats lost 138,000oz in production, worth more than R1bn.”


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