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Labour brokers close shop

There has been allot of closures of labour broking companies since government started clamping down. Almost 550 agencies have been closed, according to research done by Adcorp. Here ... Continue Reading →

Lutfo to regulate labour brokers

Here is a recent post from the swazi observer regarding regulating labour brokers. MINISTER of Labour and Social Security Lutfo Dlamini says intensive regulation of labour brokers is ... Continue Reading →
Labour brokers

Labour broking underestimated

Labour broking underestimated Article By: Ann Bernstein and Antony Altbeker Youth unemployment in South Africa is at crisis levels. According to the Treasury, the unemployment rate ... Continue Reading →

Walmart to do away with the middle man

Unlike originally feared with the takeover of Wallmart, it seems they are going to try to manage their own employees. Here is the report from SABC news… Massmart /Wal-Mart plans ... Continue Reading →

SA `heading for trouble` over jobs

Labour movement in South Africa keeps pulling towards the dismissal of labour brokers. This will put more power into the hands of the labour force itself and most likely just create ... Continue Reading →
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Study vindicates labour brokers

In a study recently done it was found that there was no evidence that people employed by labour brokers earned wages significantly lower than those employed in other sectors of the ... Continue Reading →

Labour brokers here to stay

The constant debate surrounding labour brokers is starting to find shape. The immense size of the industry as well as the integration into the workforce of South Africa makes it to ... Continue Reading →

Labour Outsourcing

Labour outsourcing in SA There has been a considerable growth of temporary employment services, or labour brokers, as they are more colloquially known, in South Africa over the past ... Continue Reading →
Labour Broker vs. recruitment Agencies

Labour Broker vs. Recruitment Agencies

A Labour broker plays an extremely important role in helping companies keep their costs low and at the same time manage their human resources in an efficient way. Many companies are ... Continue Reading →