SA `heading for trouble` over jobs

Labour movement in South Africa keeps pulling towards the dismissal of labour brokers. This will put more power into the hands of the labour force itself and most likely just create ... Continue Reading →

Labour laws not behind unemployment

According to a article in timeslive the amount of labour law is counterproductive to a healthy environment for labour. It states that rather less than more regulation is required. Here ... Continue Reading →

Parliament to thrash out labour laws

Parliament to thrash out labour laws 07 August 2012 – 12:58 By Troye Lund Parliament’s labour portfolio committee is set to meet today for the first time since holding public ... Continue Reading →

The right to query sick notes

Medical certificates, the question arises time and time again. Employers believe that if the employee produces a medical certificate as justification for a period of absence, the employer ... Continue Reading →
minimum wage for freelance writers

Minimums payments for annual leave

The Basic Conditions of Employment Act states that the provisions for annual leave do not apply to an employee who works less than 24 hours a month for an employer, and also these provisions ... Continue Reading →
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Dismissal of employees for Absenteeism

Dismissing an employee for absenteeism can be problematic when it appears that the reason for absence was a chronic medical condition. The difficulties that an employer might face in ... Continue Reading →

Injury on Duty – WCA

By following the following rules all should go well when reporting and claiming from the Compensation Fund. An injury necessitating outside medical treatment requires completion of ... Continue Reading →
Modernizing Labour

More labour policy review underway to modernise SA’s labour market.

The following release was made on the official labout homepage about a policy review, on 24 February 2012. The aimsi at modernization of the SA Labour Market. The Department of Labour ... Continue Reading →

Another resignation letter on my desk….what is my rights as an employer?

  “We often get questions from employers hinging around employee resignations, such as “must it be in writing” or “can I accept it verbally?” ... Continue Reading →