Amplats to reinstate dismissed workers

I guess it comes as no surprise that Amplats will be reinstating all the dismissed workers. Once again promises of dismissal stays just that. Here is a snipped from a Business Day live. “ACCORDING ... Continue Reading →

Labour unions urged to support ongoing mine strikes

The National Striking Committee, a body which claims to have been elected by striking mineworkers around the country, has called on labour movements to support the ongoing mine ... Continue Reading →
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Labour crisis is a failure of the state, not the market

by Leon Louw, October 17 2012, 05:43 … Organised labour is in the government through the tripartite alliance, which means the government has been constrained from policing ... Continue Reading →

Fedusa unions compliant with Labour Act

This post is about the unions’s competency to the Labour relations Act. According to the Act unions are required to submit audited financials, membership figures and details of ... Continue Reading →
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Solidarity’s labour case back in court

The case against the department of correctional services’ implementation of affirmative action in the Western Cape will be back in the Labour Court in Cape Town on Tuesday. On ... Continue Reading →

Construction sector to sign historic accord relating to health and Safety

Here is some shocking figures about the amount spend annually on labour related injuries in the construction sector. Understandable one of the more dangerous sectors in the economy, ... Continue Reading →

Labour productivity at 46-year low

Looking at labour productivity this seems to be the worst to date. IOL news have some staggering and very interesting figures. Read more here. “Since 1967, labour productivity has ... Continue Reading →

Walmart to do away with the middle man

Unlike originally feared with the takeover of Wallmart, it seems they are going to try to manage their own employees. Here is the report from SABC news… Massmart /Wal-Mart plans ... Continue Reading →
Labour flexibility

Labour law changes ‘keep employers flexible’

In an amendment to the labour relations act aims at regulating the rules by which people can be replaced by temporary employment services. Read more. The proposed amendments to the ... Continue Reading →
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Poor productivity holding back business

A issue that is not consistently addressed when it comes to laying off workers and business going bottoms up is productivity. Here is some interesting statistics about the actual relative ... Continue Reading →