Govt won’t get involved in labour issues

In a very important statement on SABC news the minister in the presidency, Collins Chabane, said that government does not directly want to get involved in labour issues.This comes after the shootings in which many died.

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Minister in the Presidency Collins Chabane says government does not want to get directly involved in labour issues. Chabane is the Head of the inter-ministerial committee assisting stakeholders to look into the 34 tragic deaths that happened in Marikana in the North West recently.

This he said when he was speaking to the SABC’s Morning Live programme this morning on the Lonmin platinum mine crisis that has unfolded recently.

He says, “We cannot get involved in labour issues, otherwise once government gets involved in negotiations between unions and employers, it is a precedent that we are not going to sustain for a long long time. There are laws and regulations, for us it is to make sure those relationships takes place under a conducive environment –  no intimidations, no violence, no beating of people, no shootings, once that is achieved they can be able to proceed, but in the meantime there are quite a number of task teams – church leaders have been doing their part to try to see if they can broker the discussion between the workers and the management.”

Elaborating Chabane says, “We think the situation has improved significantly because the level of intimidation and violence which existed before the shooting has gone down, it is non-existent for now. The situation has stabilized, we don’t know if it can flare up again. At least there is more coordination between stake holders.” 

 He says the inter-ministerial priority is to assist the families of the deceased. “On Monday morning, we were there. First, we had to work out the plan and discuss what it is that we need to do. Our first priority was to ensure that the families of those that were deceased are helped, they get the necessary help and once we have done that then we deal with issues of hospitals, then we can deal with the rest of the issues we are supposed to face including meeting with the workers themselves.”


Furthermore Chabane had this to say about the workers refusal to be addressed by the committee.

Responding to the workers refusal to be addressed by the committee, Chabane says they understand that it is a very tense situation which affected people and that there is nothing strange about that. He stressed that there was discussions with the committee and the leadership of the workers. “When we went there people raised their issues that they wanted to raise, which we listened and we addressed them. We are going to give them feedback at some point to some of the issues they raised which we could not answer.”

The Minister added that the workers raised issues about the conduct of the police. “They are alleging that some people are still missing and they don’t know where they are. We’re trying to look for those people and trying to get the details. There are allegations that they were shot and taken by helicopter for medical treatment, we don’t know, those issues we will have to inquire about.” Edited Lebo Tshangela



via SABC – Govt won’t get involved in labour issues: Chabane:Wednesday 22 August 2012.


At the moment however it all seem calm and we will update as soon as there is any new development.

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