Census: nearly 30% of SA’s labour force unemployed

The recent census relating to employment had some more disconcerting results.

Amazingly in a country where work seems to be in shortage strikes are still promoted as the best way to resolve labour disputes and grievances.

Buisiness Day Live reports as wollows.

ALMOST 30% of South Africa’s labour force is unemployed, according to the 2011 census results — a rate far higher than estimated by other surveys.

Statistics SA’s quarterly labour force survey (QLFS) recorded the official unemployment rate for last October as 23.9%, while the census, which was conducted at the same time, estimates unemployment to be 29.8%.

What most people do not know is that the figure is only made up out of people that have actively been searching for work in the week prior to the census. It excludes people that are not looking for work. If the individuals that have given up are included the the figure for unemployment comes closer to 40%.

The survey was done with the following perameters.

First, the QLFS — a survey of randomly selected households visited each quarter — is conducted over a longer period than the census. While the census spans one week, the QLFS is generally conducted over several weeks. In both surveys, respondents are counted as employed if they worked in the week previous to completing the survey.

In effect, people employed in short-term or casual jobs are more likely to be captured in the QLFS than in the census.

To get more detail on the census and the figure have a read at BD Live.

Census: nearly 30% of SA’s labour force unemployed | Labour | BDlive.

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