Require assistance from a Labour Broker?

What is your aim when you switch to utilizing a Labour Broker?

Labour BrokerConsidering utilising the services of a labour broker or calling on a labour broker for assistance with a labour problem can often be a serious undertaking for a business.

A labour broker does not only supply staff, but physically assumes responsibility for ensuring all aspects of the Labour Relations Act, Basic Conditions of Employment Act and or any collective agreement are adhered to. A labour broker becomes an integral part of your business as opposed to merely being a service provider.

It is thus critical that when you opt to utilise a labour broker or are considering moving to a new labour broker; that you retain the services of a professional organisation which will take time to understand your business and is up to date with current legislation. This will ensure that your business continues to function without disruption and you are able to focus on the inputs that will allow your business to thrive.


Who do we recommend?

Given the above; Labour-SA have allied with Contracta- Force Corporate Solutions as a preferred supplier as it meets all the required criteria.

  • Contracta Force have almost 10 years of experience
  • It has a national footprint
  • Contracta-Force delivers superior service
  • Contracta-Force is an ideal partner to any business.
  • Contracta-Force not only supply a staffing solution but optimize productivity as well.
  • Contracta-Force supports financial solutions and accounts.

Contracta-Force retains superior staff, have the infra- structure to support their placements and have an extensive knowledge of the labour broking industry.

This coupled with a commitment to delivering superior customer support is why Labour-SA refers them with confidence.

How do you get in contact?

Should you have any queries on Labour Brokers or on any labour related issues; please forward your contact details to us and a qualified consultant will contact you.

Take action that will put your business on a winning path.

Labour and labour related issues is getting more and more urgent as we progress into this decade. It is important to structure your business and partners in such a way that you are able to be in controll of your outcome all the time. Contact Contracta-Force and see what they can do to ensure your business existance in future.