Traffickers Prey On Desperate Job Seekers

Newflash:South Africa traffickers Prey on Deseperate Job Seekers.More details below.


Traffickers Prey On Desperate Job Seekers

“In Lesotho’s southern Quthing District, where she lived, it is accepted wisdom that finding a job means crossing the border into South Africa, which completely …”


Human trafficking survey

Really, the Ministry of Home Affairs together with the UN Development Programme (UNDP) commissioned an immediate assessment of human trafficking in Lesotho to try to gauge the magnitude from the problem. The findings would not provide much of hard data, but did highlight many of the conditions that have made the united states particularly vulnerable to trafficking both internally from rural to cities and transnationally. These include Lesotho’s high stages of poverty and unemployment, the massive variety of children orphaned by HIV/AIDS, and its porous borders and long tradition of migration to South Africa which began with Basotho men going to be employed in the mines.

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